History of the Project:

Large quantities of surface iron were first observed by Professor Eric Poehler in the summer of 2011. After finding large chunks within street ruts on the western portion of Via della Fortuna, he, Ben Crowther, and I began documenting all instances of iron we could find. Relying heavily on digital technology, I completed a survey of the available streets in the summer of 2014 using the iPad to collect GPS coordinates and to collect in a custom database detailed observations. 440 total instances of iron usage in the streets were found with over 200 GPS coordinates recorded over the course of one month. In addition to our survey, excavations in 2010 of the southern portion of Via Stabiana dug up a plethora of iron nuggets. We are greatly anticipating their publication.

After completing our first survey in the summer of 2014, we presented our initial findings at the Archaeological Institute of America’s annual meeting in January 2015. Our presentation was very well received and we got a lot of useful feedback and questions. We plan to publish our findings formally at some point in the near future.